One true love

You and I have met 13 years ago.  The first time I hold your little body in my arms, you were 4 moths old, and I would have never guessed how much love I had in my heart for you. Simple, pure love. You stook by my side since then and never fell to love me back. Sharing my happy moments, my really downs. I’ve never succeed to teach you to lay down, and you never stopped going after the garbage bag that i’ve forgot to take out. People that met you along the road were amazed by your stunning beauty and your incredible kindness.

The last time I hold you in my arms was october 10th. That night I had to make the worst and heartbreaking decision of my life, of letting you go, as peacefully as I could. At your last breath a part me died my love. I wish I could have hold you harder, closer. Did you felt my presence until the end ? Did I give you all the love and attention you needed ? Was your life as happy as it could be. From all my heart, I hope the answer is yes. Because you did all that for me. My one true love.

In loving memory of Vulcain. 

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  1. Une pensée pour Vulcain, c’était un très beau chien , je comprends ta tristesse.
    (Le texte est en anglais, j’aimerais avoir mal compris)
    Bisous à vous 2

  2. Coucou ma chérie, moi qui ai eu la chance de rencontrer Vulcain, même si ce n’était qu’une seule fois, oui je peux dire qu’il était un chien absolument adorable. Je suis sûre qu’il a été très heureux avec toi, n’en doute jamais ! Je t’embrasse fort, courage <3

  3. Je suis désolée On perd une part de nous quand nos animaux nous quittent. Quoiqu en disent certains, ils comptent énormément dans nos vies Un bel hommage
    Bisous remplis de réconfort
    Dot .

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